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Court Rejects - and Mislays - Navalny Appeal Against Defamation Ruling

posted 14 Sept 2012, 06:53 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 17 Sept 2012, 03:29 ]
11 September 2012 

Source: Open Information News Agency 

Aleksei Navalny in court during hearing of defamation case brought by Vladlen Stepanov. 
© Photo by George Alburi (@alburov). 

Moscow City Court has rejected Aleksei Navalny’s request for a supervisory appeal against the decision of Moscow City Court's Board of Civil Cases concerning the retraction of statements contained in a video posted on his blog, and the payment of compensation to entrepreneur Vladen Stepanov. 

At the same time information about the ruling decision, dated to the beginning of July, has only just now appeared on the court’s website - with a typo in the blogger’s surname. Meanwhile, neither Navalny himself nor his representatives have received the documents back from the court, reports a correspondent for the Open Information News Agency. [Read more]