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Websites must delete Mickey Mouse painting ruled to be extremist

posted 21 Feb 2012, 02:03 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 Feb 2012, 02:04 ]
14 February 2012 

Source: Openinform 

On 14 February a painting by the artist Aleksandr Savko Sermon on the Mount’ [link added by translator - ed.] from a cycle of works entitled ‘Mickey Mouse’s Travels Through Art History’ has been definitively ruled to be extremist in Russia. 

The decision by Kaluga regional court entered into force from the moment it was pronounced, said Damir Gainutdinov, a lawyer with Agora representing the artist.

On 14 February the court announced the reasoning behind its decision to dismiss the appeal by Aleksandr Savko against the ruling of Zhukovsky district court in the town of Tarusa, Open Information Agency reports. While the decision of the court of first instance had found Savko’s work of art to be extremist, the regional court added a new element: ‘The work of art on the website is extremist material.’ In this way the ruling emphasises that the work of art was disseminated via the Internet. The rest of the ruling by the court of first instance was left without any changes. Savko’s appeal was dismissed. [Read more]