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Human Rights Lawyers’ Internet Accounts Hacked

posted 28 May 2012, 00:33 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 28 May 2012, 00:37 ]
25 May 2012

Source: Open Information Agency

In May the e-mail, Skype and Facebook accounts of three lawyers working with Agora Human Rights Association were the victims of attacks by hackers.

As Open Information Agency reports, on 6 May the Gmail and Yandex mail accounts of Olga Gnezdilova, a lawyer from Voronezh, were hacked, and also her Facebook account. After access to her Gmail account was restored, Olga Gnezdilova saw a message from the Facebook administration that someone from an IP address located in Lipetsk had changed her Facebook password. The same day as Olga Gnezdilova was checking in for a flight to Moscow, where she was planning to go to provide legal support to participants in the March of Millions, she was informed that she could not be checked in. [Read more]