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Psychiatrists and Psychologists Criticize Decision to Place Blogger who Spoke out against the Russian Orthodox Church in Psychiatric Hospital

posted 21 May 2012, 10:47 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 May 2012, 10:54 ]
16 May 2012

Source: Open Information Agency

Blogger and human rights defender Maksim Efimov.
Photo provided to Open Information Agency by the civil activist himself

Experts: Placing a healthy person in a hospital will worsen his psychological condition. The conclusion of the judicial psychiatric expert commission of the Karelia Republic's Psycho-Neurological Health Centre concerning human rights blogger Maksim Efimov "cannot be deemed well argued, well founded or convincing, either with regards to the discrepancy between the results of, and the narrative of, these experts' conclusion or with regards to their recommendation that a second judicial psychiatric examination be conducted in hospital. [Read more]