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The Investigative Committee refuses to investigate DDoS attacks

posted 6 Sept 2011, 11:37 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Sept 2011, 11:40 ]


27 July 2011 

For three months now the Investigative Committee of Russia has been refusing to investigate the DDoS attacks on the website of the newspaper Novaya gazeta, which was blocked by hackers in early April. 
“This kind of attitude on the part of the law enforcement agencies offers no guarantees that further DDoS attacks will be punished,” stress legal experts from the Agora Human Rights Association that represents Novaya gazeta in this case. “This is further evidenced by today's LiveJournal announcement of fresh DDoS attacks that have disrupted its website.” 

Meanwhile, as human rights defenders point out, the FSB has initiated a criminal case, even managing to file charges, in the case of a DDoS attack on the website of an Aeroflot agent: “If a case affects the interests of business rather than the websites of media or civic organizations, the law enforcement bodies are much more pro-active. One of the reasons why Russia's siloviki are impotent when it comes to investigating cyber attacks is Russia's refusal to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime,” Agora has stated. [Read more]