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Court to Hear Defamation Suit by Samara Police Against Human Rights Defender and Newspaper

25 July 2012

Source: Open Information News Agency

At 14:00 on 25 July Samara’s October district court is to continue hearing the civil action brought by Samara region police against the publisher and editors of the newspaper Pul’s Povozh’yaSaiyara Dvortsova the author of the article ‘At the rally in Samara, police detained women and children’,  and the chair of the Samara branch of the electoral rights organization Golos, Ludmila Kuzmina. 

Human rights defender Ludmila Kuzmina. 
Photo © Golos Association  

‘At the court hearing, in particular, it is planned to question witnesses who should describe how the arrests at the rally were conducted, and there will be a statement of our objections to the civil action. It is possible that the court will announce its decision in this case,’ Damir Gainutdinov, a lawyer with the Agora Human Rights Association representing Ludmila Kuzmina, told the Open Information News Agency.

Samara region police officers and the deputy head of the police department Igor Sizokov, bringing a third person complaint, assert, that the article ‘At the rally in Samara, police detained women and children’, written by Saiyara Dvortsova, allegedly contained inaccurate information about the protest that took place in the city on 17 December 2011. The police authorities did not like the statement by human rights defender Ludmila Kuzmina that four ‘boy police cadets’ ‘dragged’ into a bus an elderly woman who was ‘hiding her face’ and ‘burning with shame’. This text was published by Pul’s Povolzh’ya, and in Ludmila Kuzmina’s personal blog.